Saturday, August 30, 2008

Go me!!

I complete (well almost) my 1st successful sewing machine project. My definition of successful is:
1) didn't have to rip out any stitches
2) stitches came out looking nice
3) my pattern fit after sewing it together
4) I finished it without tossing it to the side or passing it onto MIL. :) (she'll be happy to know this,lol)

MIL figured out it was a tension issue I was having. I have no clue what any of that means. I need remedial sewing 101. Anyways, I made cushion covers for the patio chairs. I, for some reason, thought there was only 4 chairs in the set. So I ordered enough fabric for the 4. I normally over buy fabric. The one time I don't, I ended up needing more! We have 5 chairs, not 4. We've always only used 4, so I guess I never noticed that 5th. That's what I meant about "almost" above. I have ordered more fabric. Oooh!! I even got all fancy & made cushion ties. Nothing fancy, but they work.